1907 - rear of buildings 20, 14, 18 below

created by Mike Calo at Navpooh
  1. Rickover Hall
  2. Nimitz Library
  3. Michelson Hall
  4. Chauvenet Hall
  5. Alumni Hall
  6. Leahy Hall
  7. Preble Hall
  8. Officers' and Faculty Club
  9. Guard houses
  10. Administration
  11. Chapel
  12. Buchanan House
  13. Tecumseh Court
  14. Bancroft Hall
  15. King Hall
  1. Mitscher Hall
  2. Natatorium
  3. Macdonough Hall
  4. Luce Hall
  5. Dahlgren Hall
  6. Ward Hall
  7. Lejeune Hall
  8. Ricketts Hall
  9. Halsey Field House
  10. Armel-Leftwich Visitors' Center
  11. Robert Crown Sailing Center
  12. Maury Hall
  13. Sampson Hall
  14. Mahan Hall
  15. Alumni House
  1. Worden Field
  2. Worden bandshell
  3. Tripoli Monument
  4. Herndon Monument
  5. Zimmerman bandshell
  6. Mexican Monument
  7. Tecumseh
  8. Rip Miller Field
  9. Farragut Field
  10. Santee Basin
  11. Brown Field House
  1. Ingram Field
  2. Dewey Field
  3. Forrest Sherman Field
  4. USNA Cemetery
  5. Worden Field battery
  6. Rickover Terrace
  7. Japanese Monument
  8. Triton Light
  9. Maine foremast
  10. Sea Gate
  11. Macedonian Monument
creator: Mike Calo @ Navpooh
-- Buildings which appear in black are the buildings designed as Ernest Flagg's "new Naval Academy" (1907)
-- Buildings in gray are later construction.
-- Several buildings have been razed to make way for new construction on the Yard. These include several of Flagg's buildings, represented by black figures with no numbers. These were: the steam plant (in the lower left-hand corner of Rickover Hall); Isherwood Hall (the black figure beneath Alumni Hall), and two boathouses (in the upper right-hand corner of the Nimitz Library). In addition, two early 20th century buildings which have been razed - Griffin and Melville Halls - are represented by the pink figure beneath Alumni Hall.
--The light green areas are landfill.
--The yellow line around Ingram Field is the original location of Dewey Basin.
--The brownish-red lines are walkways.
--The orange areas in the lower area of the map are Annapolis proper.


        Light green is landfill (I, L, M, N)


1922 graduation in Dahlgren

2007 meal in Dahlgren

2003 Induction Day