Java II

Monday JFC
pluggable look-and-feel
JButton, JCheckBox, JRadioButton, JComboBox, JList
JTabbedPane, JSplitPane, JTable, JTree
ImageIcon, JOptionPane, BorderFactory
JPasswordField, JEditorPane
GridBagLayout, BoxLayout
Tuesday Threads thread states and lifecycle
using inheritance, using aggregation
wait(), notifyAll(), monitors
piped streams
examples: color boxes, bouncing balls, elevators
Wednesday    Networking
Socket, ServerSocket, threaded ServerSocket
server framework, server application
DatagramSocket, DatagramPacket
URL, URLConnection
InstantDB, SQL, connect, query
retrieving query results
JDBC drivers
Thursday RMI
Create the "IDL"
Create and compile the "remote object" class
Generate the "stub" class with rmic
Create and compile the server that "hosts" a remote object
Create and compile the client that "binds" to the remote object
Start: the RMI naming service, the server, and the client
a client hosting a distributed object
passing objects by value and by reference
Friday JNI
passing an int from Java to C
passing a string from Java to C
calling C and C accessing members in Java
throwing a Java exception from C to Java
passing a Java object to C which is passed to C++
calling Java from C
JavaBeans, EJB, BDK, beanbox