Enterprise Java APIs

API Description
EJB The Enterprise JavaBeans API defines a server component model that provides portability across application servers and implements automatic services on behalf of the application components.
JNDI The Java Naming and Directory Interface API provides access to naming and directory services, such as DNS, NDS, NIS+, LDAP, and COS Naming.
RMI The Remote Method Invocation API creates remote interfaces for distributed computing on the Java platform.
Java IDL The Java Interface Definition Language API creates remote interfaces to support CORBA communication in the Java platform. Java IDL includes an IDL compiler and a lightweight, replaceable ORB that supports IIOP.
Servlets and JSP The Java Servlets and Java Server Pages APIs support dynamic HTML generation and session management for browser clients.
JMS The Java Messaging Service API supports asynchronous communications through various messaging systems, such as reliable queuing and publish-and-subscribe services.
JTA The Java Transaction API provides a transaction demarcation API.
JTS The Java Transaction Service API defines a distributed transaction management service based on CORBA Object Transaction Service.
JDBCTM The JDBC Database Access API provides uniform access to relational databases, such as DB2, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase.