Table of contents

     1: What is Java? 
          1.1: Where did Java come from? 
          1.2: Doesn't the World Wide Web have something to do with this? 
          1.3: What platforms does Java run on? 
          1.4: Do I need to know C++ to learn Java? 
          1.5: Where does Javascript fit in? 
          1.6: What's the difference between an application and an applet? 
     2: What other Java Resources are available? 
          2.1: Web Sites 
          2.2: Mailing Lists 
          2.3: Newsgroups 
          2.4: Books 
     3: Java for C++ programmers 
          3.1: Data Types 
          3.2: Control Statements 
          3.3: Command Line Arguments 
          3.4: Comments 
          3.5: Classes 
          3.6: How is Java unlike C++? 
     4: How Do I ... 
          4.1: Make a linked list without pointers? 
          4.2: How do I scanf, readln, etc. in Java? 
          4.3: How do I convert strings to numbers? 
          4.4: How Do I Call C Code from Java? 
          4.5: How Do I Call Java from C? 
          4.6: How do you do multiple inheritance? 
          4.7: Can I write objects to and read objects from a file or
               other stream? 
          4.8: How do I call the native API from Java? 
          4.9: How do I pass a function pointer to a method? 
          4.10: How do I load and display formatted HTML? 
          4.11: How do I play a sound in an application? 
     5: Programming Applets 
          5.1: Can applets communicate with each other? 
          5.2: Can applets launch programs on the server? 
          5.3: Can applets launch programs on the client? 
          5.4: Can I record audio from an applet? 
          5.5: How can I make my applets work well on multiple browsers
               and virtual machines? 
     6: Language Issues 
          6.1: What does it mean that a class or member is "final"? 
          6.2: What does it mean that a method or field is "static"? 
          6.3: What does it mean that a method or class is abstract? 
          6.4: What's an interface? 
          6.5: Why doesn't Java include insert your favorite feature here? 
          6.6: Is Java CORBA compliant? 
          6.7: Can I cast an int to an Integer? a float to a Float? 
          6.8: How do I version a class? 
          6.9: Why isn't there operator overloading? 
          6.10: Does Java have pointers? 
          6.11: Does Java pass method arguments by value or by reference? 
          6.12: Are there parameterized types (templates)? 
          6.13: How does garbage collection work? 
          6.14: PERFORM and BECOME 
     7: java.awt 
          7.1: What Does AWT Stand For? 
          7.2: What are peer "classes"? 
          7.3: Can you explain how events are passed? 
          7.4: Clipping 
          7.5: How do I change the thickness of the line? 
          7.6: What fonts does Java support? 
          8.1: How do I read data from a file? 
          8.2: How do I write data to a file? 
          8.3: How do I append data to a file? 
          8.4: How do I format numbers like C's printf()? 
          9.1: How do I convert a numeric IP address like into
               a host name like 
          9.2: How can a Java program talk to a CGI program? 
          9.3: How can an applet send email? 
          9.4: How can I use ICMP in Java? 
          9.5: How do I make Java work with a proxy server? 
     10: java.util 
          10.1: How random is Random()? 
          10.2: How do I generate a random integer between a and b? 
     11: Common Errors and Problems 
          11.1: How Can I Avoid Flicker in an Applet? 
          11.2: Can you explain CLASSPATH? 
          11.3: Why won't my audio clip play? 
          11.4: When I load the page Netscape gives me a
          11.5: Netscape gives me "Applet Not Initialized Error" 
          11.6: Other Netscape Problems 
          11.7: I keep getting access privilege violations, " Java tried
                to read file foo.class in directory bar." 
          11.8: javac keeps insisting that it can't find the right
                constructor function in my class, but I'm sure it's in a
                file I imported. Why is it even looking in my class
                instead of the imported file? 
          11.9: NullPointerExceptions with arrays of objects 
          11.10: Can't make static reference to method type myMethod in
                 class myClass 
          11.11: Why do I have trouble when using == to compare Strings? 
     12: Security 
          12.1: System Level Security 
          12.2: User Level Security 
     13: Tools 
          13.1: IDE 
          13.2: Debugger 
          13.3: Editors 
          13.4: YACC grammar 
          13.5: Profilers 
     14: The Java Virtual Machine and Byte Code 
          14.1: Can I program directly in byte code? 
          14.2: Optimizing Java 
          14.3: Disassembly, Decompilation, and Obfuscation 
     15: Legal Issues