GOF Mnemonic Analogy Hot Spot

Abs Factory platform independence for a family of products auto body parts stamping press host "platform"
Builder parse a complex representa., create one of several targets assembling fast food kids' meals creation of an aggregate's elements
Factory Meth virtual creation through inheritance injection molding form subclass of object that is created
Prototype virtual creation through delegation biological cell division class of object that is created
Singleton guardian of the single instance the office of the President the sole instance of a class

Adapter wrap a legacy component 1/2" to 1/4" socket adapter interface of an object
Bridge decouple interface and implementation light switch on blueprint implementation of an object
Composite recursive composition arithmetic expression structure of an aggregate's elements
Decorator add skins to the onion Christmas tree, layered courier responsibilities of an object
Facade simple front-end to a complicated subsystem telephone sales operator interface of a subsystem
Flyweight use sharing to optimize lots of "little" objects the telephone system storage cost of objects
Proxy use a surrogate to control access a check or bank draft location and/or access of an object

Chain of
single processing pipe, many possible handlers vending machine coin slot selection of a request's receiver
Command encapsulate a request as an object meal order at a restaurant when and how a request is realized
Interpreter map a domain grammar to a hier to solve domain problems musician reading music grammar and interp of a language
Iterator decouple traversal of an aggregate object secr accessing her file system traversal of an aggregate's elements
Mediator provide an intermediary to decouple many peers airport control tower interaction between peer objects
Memento checkpoint/rollback an object's internal state vendor source code in escrow externalization of an object's internal state
Observer decouple dependent "views" from the independent subject auctioneer and bidders dependent view(s) of an independent object
State object's behavior morphs as its state changes vending machine state machine states of an object
Strategy plug-compatible algorithms getting to the airport choice of algorithm
Template Meth constant algorithm, replaceable steps tract home builder's options steps of an algorithm
Visitor decouple operations on an aggregate object the subway and an all-day pass operations on an aggregate's elements